About language power international

About Us

Language Power International AS is a renowned language school with a well-established translation and interpretation service. Founded in 1979, our head office is in Oslo. We have been an important provider of language services for Corporate, State institutions and private individuals for many years. During all this time, we have built up a solid network of highly qualified, international partners who together have extensive experience in most subjects and languages.

Language Teaching and Education

Language Power International’s mission is to provide a personalized and relaxed learning atmosphere. You will greatly benefit from a Language Power course program as we are one of the most exclusive and experienced language schools in Oslo. While many other establishments specialize in a “one size fits all” approach, we have addressed the unique needs of students which will allow you to learn quickly and efficiently at great value for money. We specialize in the teaching of Norwegian and English for special purposes in small groups or individually.

Translation Service

We are Scandinavia’s specialists in the translation of documents containing advanced, subject-specific terminology, whether it is engineering, technology, IT, marketing, insurance, literature, medicine, offshore, economics, finance, commercial and criminal law, or subtitling. Language Power International AS is an active member of the International Association of Translators (IAT), which supervises the reliability and professional ethics of professional translators.

Interpretation Service

We pride ourselves on providing excellent Interpretation services for all occasions. We have a strong team of highly qualified interpreters who have been supporting individuals and businesses in the Nordic region for many years.


We provide a personal and professional service