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Norsk kurs i Oslo

We offer a One-year Norwegian course based on 386 Academic hours of tuition covering everyday communication and social studies, obligatory when applying for citizenship or permanent residence permit. This course is also ideal for job seekers. More information on citizenship and residence permit is available at Our preparatory courses for the Bergentest exam guarantee…

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Norsk, et populært språk

Norwegian has never before been as popular as it is now. Several thousand job seekers from across Europe are flocking to Norway to find employment. Many have to learn Norwegian quickly and efficiently, both in terms of everyday communication and specific terminology for various trades such as construction, hotel and service-related positions, the health sector,…

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Lære norsk i Oslo

Whether you are following an academic pursuit or just looking to broaden your horizons, there has never been a more opportune time to pursue learning Norwegian in Oslo. Although there are various services available to the public that provide Norwegian courses in Oslo, none can match the level of quality and the rich history of…

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