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Interpreter services - Simultaneous interpretation - Conference interpretationOur professional interpreter will personally meet you at your office, in court, the public roads administration, or anywhere else you need. If you choose this alternative, you are assured an experienced and highly competent translator who can interpret the discussion between the two parties in a crisp and clean fashion.
Consecutive interpretation is best for meetings consisting of two people, or in small conferences not exceeding six people when audio equipment is unavailable. Where there are more participants, we recommend the use of audio equipment, so please specify in advance if this is required.
This service is available on short demand! Once we have made a thorough review of your language support needs, we will send you a quote that includes the usage of audio equipment if necessary (such as microphones, headphones, and sound cabinets).


Please note:

As you place your order, please specify the subject terminology. This ensures that your interpreter will be as prepared as possible in the case of a protracted meeting.

We interpret into the following languages: Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Lithuanian, Serbo-Croatian, Greek, Finnish, Hungarian, Albanian, Arabic, Urdu, Kurdish, Farsi, Dari, Somali, Amharic, Tigrinya, Oromo, Igbo, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Tagalog, Tamil, Turkish, Pashto, Kurmanji, Badini, Sorani, Swahili, Azerbaijani and many more.


Confidentiality: All of our interpreters have signed a confidentiality agreement, so your privacy is guaranteed!

We have very competitive prices. Please contact us for a free quotation.


Please note: Our minimum price is based on a single 40 minute session - but you can place an order for as much time as you need.


Interpretation subjects: Our interpreters are approved for meetings with the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration, the police, attorneys, the health sector, child protective services, schools and kindergartens as well as court cases, medical statements and building surveys.


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Testimonials Tolk / Interpreter

A very good course. I liked the small groups!! Keep it up.


Just a quick message to say the course was very good. Unni was great and we all enjoyed her enthusiastic teaching. She also had a lot of patience with us !!!

Tony Tremelling

It is very helpful for us to know the language, and the way of teaching was really very good.


I will choose Language Power again because the teacher was very collaborative and helpful. She was engaging. Language Power has given me the confidence to interact more with my Norwegian colleagues. Thanks Language Power!


Very friendly, both teacher and administration. Good understanding.


Hola Marta: Os escribo para deciros que he aprobado el bergenstest(solo con el B1 y el curso intensivo
que hice alli)! Te prometi que llevaria champagne pero ya estoy en Levanger trabajando. Solo queria que lo supierais para animar a mas gente a presentarse (es dificil pero a veces hay suerte). Yo iba muy justito pero el examen fue bien. Diselo a tu jefe y a mi profesora por favor.
Espero que esteis muy bien
Gracias por la yuda. Un abrazo

Lege Ignacio Catalan Serra

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