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Whether you are following an academic pursuit or just looking to broaden your horizons, there has never been a more opportune time to pursue learning Norwegian in Oslo. Although there are various services available to the public that provide Norwegian courses in Oslo, none can match the level of quality and the rich history of Language Power International.

This well-known private language school has been in existence since being founded in 1979 and continues to Learning Norwegian in Oslo provide top-quality translation from Norwegian to English in addition to the most comprehensive Norwegian courses available in Oslo today. The company prides itself on providing great benefits to their students through enriching their curriculum of exciting courses and various instruction techniques that really accelerate one’s linguistic skills. These courses cover anywhere from traditional conversational speech and every day communication to more in depth and specialized grammatical courses that focus in on professional and occupational terminology. In terms of quality, language power international is by far a leader in assisting people with learning Norwegian in Oslo.


Engaged and dedicated teachers

Not only do they provide language services but their English to Norwegian translation services and of course Norwegian to English are some of the highest quality available. Their staff are well-trained and combine decades of experience in providing instruction. Nowhere else will you see such dedication and engagement by the educational team to reinforce a one-on-one learning environment. This by far produces the most positive results and ends in an extremely abbreviated learning curve. 

Skills to foreigners and businesses

In today’s ever growing and dynamic economy it has become increasingly important to broaden your horizons and learn additional languages. Many multinational organizations seek out services Learning Norwegian in Oslo to provide their staff with language training in an effort to give them a competitive advantage within the geographic region. Learning Norwegian in also will provide one of the best opportunities for anyone seeking to expand their understanding of the language and ultimately become fluent. Clearly, when choosing Norwegian courses in Oslo it is always prudent to find a learning center that specializes in teaching these skills to foreigners and businesses. In addition to this, many organizations and private services require translation from English to Norwegian. As always in business it is important to find the most professional and efficient service to meet your strategic needs.


So, if you are ready to start your journey and ultimately begin learning Norwegian as your second language, you will be happy to know that language power services will provide everything you need and more. Enough can’t be said about how beneficial it is for anyone to learn an additional language and improve their linguistic skills. Not only will they obtain the skill set to enhance communication in the host country but they may also benefit their own communication skills in their native tongue.  Focusing on learning Norwegian in Oslo truly is the best way to immerse yourself in the language and culture. With the availability of Norwegian courses in Oslo you truly have an ideal environment to accelerate the learning process. You can start today by translating your easily readable documents from English to Norwegian to use as a guide through your journey. The more you can incorporate the learning process into your everyday life easier the pastor fluency will become.



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