Norwegian for Specific Purposes


Small groups of 3-6 students

Private courses, semi-private courses


Language Power International are recognized by Kompetanse Norge



Course type Level Course period Course description Price in Nok
Norwegian for Health Personnel B2 8 weeks,
42 teaching hours
Tailor-made course for skilled and unskilled health care workers who do not have Norwegian as their mother tongue, and who have aspirations of qualifying for work in the Norwegian health sector. 5950
Norwegian for Office Use  B2
2 weeks,
42 teaching hours
A course for those who wish to improve their oral and written skills and increase their terminology in the fields of office and administration. 5950
Norwegian for Job Seekers A2 B1 4 weeks,
21 teaching hours
Stand out from the rest with our unique course for those seeking employment in Norway. We will coach you for job interviews and help you to write a CV targeting the Norwegian job market. 3150
Norwegian Focus on Writing A2,   B1B2C1 4 weeks,
21 teaching hours
This course is designed for those who wish to focus specifically on their written proficiency in Norwegian. Participants learn how to structure texts, argue their view points and opinions, as well as elaborate and conclude with clarity. 3150
Norwegian Focus on Grammar A2 B1 4 weeks,
21 teaching hours
If you need a special focus on Norwegian grammar, this course will give you elementary skills in grammar, spelling and text construction.   3150
Norwegian for Negotiating B2 C1 4 weeks,
21 teaching hours
This is an essential course for any foreigner doing business in Norway. Through role-play and other varied exercises, you will learn the art of Norwegian negotiation- with a focus on terminology and culture.  3150
Norwegian for Driving Test A2 B1 4 weeks,
21 teaching hours
For those who wish to obtain a Norwegian driver’s license. You will receive an in-depth introduction to Norwegian traffic, traffic culture and the most important traffic rules. 3150
Norwegian Focus on Pronunciation
A2 B1
B2 C1
4 weeks,
21 teaching hours
For those who want to improve their Norwegian pronunciation. We offer a systematic approach for learning Norwegian sounds and phonetics. Methodical audio and pronunciation exercises will help you reinforce correct pronunciation. Highly recommended for candidates taking the Bergenstest. 3150
Norwegian One Year Program (OYP)     This course is dedicated to foreigners who want to apply for work or study visas in Norway.  
Norwegian for Expats   2 weeks 42 teaching hours
8 weeks 42 teaching hours
An ideal course for those who have newly arrived in Oslo. Learning how to live in a new country can be very stressful. Rest assured, in this course you will get all the support you need to integrate and communicate with confidence! Let us help you make a smooth transition. 5950
Norwegian for Kindergarten Assistants   2 weeks 42 teaching hours
8 weeks 42 teaching hours
This course has a special focus on the language and terminology needed for those dedicated to working with young children, such as au pairs, nannies and kindergarten assistants. 5950
Norwegian for Teenagers Individual
  Tailor-made course focused on helping children and teenagers learn Norwegian and integrate faster into the Norwegian School system. from Nok 540 per lesson
Norwegian High School Exam Preparation Individual
  This course is highly recommended for young new arrivals that need to integrate into the Norwegian education system as quickly as possible. from Nok 540 per lesson


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