Norwegian Focus on Grammar

      Level  A2 


      Level  B1 


 Norwegian Course: Grammar Focus in Oslo

 Maximum 6 students per group 
 Benefit from our unique personal approach


 We are recognized by Kompetanse Norge 



Practical information:
Group tuition: From 3 to 6 students
Duration: 4 weeks, 21 teaching hours (45 minutes)
2 days a week

Level A2                 Monday and Wednesday 
Level B1                  Tuesday and Thursday


Morning course    from 10:00 to 12:00
Evening  course    from 19:00 to 21:00

Course fee: NOK 3150
Course material: NOK 850


Norwegian course in grammar in Oslo


Language test






Course dates 2017:                Click on the dates to enroll        

  Level A2 

January February March April May June
09.01   13.02 13.03 03.04 08.05 12.06
1601 27.02 27.03 10.04 22.05 26.06
23.01     24.04 29.05  
July August September October November December
10.07 07.08 11.09 09.10 06.11 04.12
24.07 14.08 18.09 23.10 20.11  
  21.08 25.09  


Course dates 2017:                Click on the dates to enroll        

  Level B1

January February March April May June
11.01   14.02 14.03 04.04 09.05 13.06
17.01 28.02 28.03 11.04 23.05 27.06
24.01     25.04 30.05  
July August September October November December
11.07 08.08 12.09 10.10 07.11 05.12
25.07 15.08 19.09 24.10 21.11  
  22.08 26.09  


Course dates 2018:                Click on the dates to enroll        

  Level A2 

January February March April May June
08.01   05.02 05.03 09.04 07.05 04.06
22.01 19.02 19.03 16.04 28.05 18.06

July August September October November December
02.07 06.08 03.09 01.10 05.11 03.12
16.07 20.08 17.09 15.10 19.11 10.12
Course dates 2018:                Click on the dates to enroll        

  Level B1

January February March April May June
09.01   06.02 06.03 10.04 08.05 05.06
23.01 20.02 20.03 17.04 29.05 19.06

July August September October November December
03.07 07.08 04.09 02.10 06.11 04.12
17.07 21.08 18.09 16.10 20.11  

How close am I to passing the Norskprøve 3 and the Bergenstest?


Course description:

Have you started learning Norwegian but are still struggling with your grammar? Here at Language Power International, we completely understand the struggle many students have in this area, so we designed a course especially for you. In this course you will have the opportunity to learn elementary skills in grammar, spelling and text construction. With our expert and supportive teachers you will find that your understanding of Norwegian grammar will dramatically improve- allowing you to express yourself with confidence. This is an excellent choice for those who are preparing for Norskprøve 3 and the Bergenstest.

See also: Norwegian Pronunciation Focus and Norwegian Writing Focus 


Course certificate:

Language Power International  is recognized by Kompetanse Norge an agency of the Norwegian Ministry of Education  and Research as provider of Norwegian training.


Upon course completion you will receive a course certificate which states the number of teaching hours completed and the level attained. This certificate is valid documentation of the Norwegian training in language and social studies required by UDI, and can be used for permanent residency and citizenship applications.



Public holidays 2017

There are no courses during the following public holidays:

Jan 1st - New Year’s Day
Feb 26th - Carnival
Apr 9th - Palm Sunday 
Apr 13th - Maundy Thursday 
Apr 14th - Good Friday 
Apr 15th - Holy Saturday
Apr 16th - Easter day
Apr 17th - Easter monday 
May 1st - Labor day
May 8th - Day of liberation
May 17th - Constitution Day
May 25th - Ascension
June 03rd - Eve of Pentecost 
June 04th - 1st day of Pentecost 
June 05th - 2nd day of Pentecost 
Dec 24th - Christmas Eve 
Dec 25th - Christmas Day
Dec 26th - 2nd Christmas Day
Dec 31st - New Year

Testimonials Språkkurs / Language Courses

A very good course. I liked the small groups!! Keep it up.


Just a quick message to say the course was very good. Unni was great and we all enjoyed her enthusiastic teaching. She also had a lot of patience with us !!!

Tony Tremelling

It is very helpful for us to know the language, and the way of teaching was really very good.


I will choose Language Power again because the teacher was very collaborative and helpful. She was engaging. Language Power has given me the confidence to interact more with my Norwegian colleagues. Thanks Language Power!


Very friendly, both teacher and administration. Good understanding.


Hola Marta: Os escribo para deciros que he aprobado el bergenstest(solo con el B1 y el curso intensivo
que hice alli)! Te prometi que llevaria champagne pero ya estoy en Levanger trabajando. Solo queria que lo supierais para animar a mas gente a presentarse (es dificil pero a veces hay suerte). Yo iba muy justito pero el examen fue bien. Diselo a tu jefe y a mi profesora por favor.
Espero que esteis muy bien
Gracias por la yuda. Un abrazo

Lege Ignacio Catalan Serra

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