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We have expertise in juridical documents

Our competent translators are able to translate police reports, renditions of judgment, visas, residence verifications, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, notifications of death, birth certificates and testamentary documents.

They have extensive knowledge when it comes to translating complex, juridical documents, whether it concerns criminal law or commercial law. We have consistently been entrusted by public institutions such as the police, the district court and the court of appeal with the translation of documents. Our translations are completed by translators with a juridical background. All documents are handled in strict confidentiality.


State-authorized translator

Translations completed by state-authorized translators. Speedy delivery.

We translate from Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Lithuanian, Serbo-Croatian, Arabic, Somali, Thai, Pashto, Sorani, Tigrinya, Tamil, Urdu, Turkish, Badini, Nepali, Swahili, Oromo, Dari, Amharic, Uzbek, Uighur, Kurmanji, Igbo, Azerbaijani and more.


Notary Public and Apostille

State-authorized translations are delivered with stamped validations from the Notary Public and Apostille which can be hastily procured.

Here you will find a list of countries that approve Apostille 


Ensuring quality

All our translations will be thoroughly checked and inspected by a second, professional translator before delivery. This will guarantee a flawless, high-end translation. Your personal Project Manager will be able to answer all your questions as well as facilitate the process until the project is completed.


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