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Language training for companies

Language Power International has more than 40 years of experience organizing courses for public and private companies. Our dedicated project manager will work closely with you to clearly determine the language needs and level of your staff. We have a long history of success in helping business leaders and their employees improve their language skills. The aim of the course is for participants to begin speaking Norwegian and using the language in a professional context.

The course content is usually a mix of current Norwegian and professional Norwegian related to your work such as writing emails, reports, meeting records, preparing your presentations, etc.

We also offer an e-learning program if one or more of your employees cannot physically participate in the course.

Course content

At Language Power International, we believe that the most effective way to learn a language is through personal training with a qualified and experienced native trainer.

Our language trainers take a communicative approach to language training, which promotes the active participation of the participants in the class and optimal learning results. It emphasizes communication skills and uses the following basic principles:

  • Teaching is student-centered and encourages interaction between the students in the classroom.
  • Classroom activities are relevant and target the language needs of the students. Targeted use of language means that the activities have a specific goal and that the trainers use carefully selected authentic materials whenever possible.
  • Motivation is maximised by making the lectures relevant, lively and fun.
  • Interactive activities are used to maximize conversational opportunities for students.
  • These include pair and group work, role play, information gap exercises, dialogue creation, conversations and debates, games and quizzes.
  • In the classroom, the trainer places more emphasis on communication than on correction. Knowledge of grammar is essential for effective communication, but do not form the focus of the course and is taught because it occurs naturally in communication activities rather than out of context.
  • In the greatest extent possible (but not exclusive) the use of the target language is encouraged as means of teaching and communication in the classroom.

Our teachers may use other language training methods to meet the individual needs of students. This includes more gammar-based and translation-based approaches.

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Approved By: Kompetanse Norge

Language Power International is approved by Kompetanse Norge, an agency of the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research as provider of Norwegian training.

Upon course completion you will receive a course certificate which states the number of teaching hours completed and the level attained. This certificate is valid documentation of the Norwegian training in language and social studies required by UDI, and can be used for permanent residency and citizenship applications.


More Information

This is an official document that public institutions and business leaders recognize.

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Public Holidays

Jan 1stNew Year’sMay 17Norwegian Constitution Day
Apr 14Palm SundayMay 30Ascension Day
Apr 18Maundy ThursdayJun 02Whit Monday
Apr 19Good FridayDec 24Christmas Eve
Apr 22Easter MondayDec 25Christmas Day
May 01Labour DayDec 26St Stephen's Day
Approved by MHS, School of Mission and Theology, for written Norwegian exams.