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Proofreading – Ensuring quality – a valuable precaution

Proofreading is a small but important part of the text process. Unfortunately, many choose to deprioritize this, viewing it as an unnecessary expense. One simply assumes that the text is flawless, thus sending it to the printers containing embarrassing spelling errors and other mistakes which easily could have been avoided. Splitting compound words has long been a scourge and a source of irritation among Norwegians. At an upscale Oslo restaurant you risk running into items such as “persille poteter” and “blomkål suppe. “Persillepoteter” (parsley potatoes) and “blomkålsuppe” (cauliflower soup) would likely be more preferable. Sadly, restaurant menus are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to errors of this kind. Brochures, periodicals, advertisement material and an assortment of other texts we see on a daily basis are also repeat offenders. Arguably even worse, we see errors in official documents, annual reports and financial reports as well. Deprioritizing this last important step can prove to be costly. Your image is at stake!