Små grupper på 3-6 elever
Privatkurs, semi-privatkurs

Kinesiske kurs

Kinesiskkurs individuell undervisning

Fra kr 540
  • Nivå: Alle nivåer
  • Kursperiode: Etter avtale
  • Undervisning skreddersydd etter dine behov. Velg dag, tid og sted.

Kinesiskkurs semi-intensiv 10 uker

  • Nivå: A1 eller A2
  • Kursperiode: 10 uker, 30 undervisningstimer. 1 time à 45 minutter
  • This course is suitable for complete beginners. In 10 weeks, you will be able to introduce yourself, order food, ask for prices, directions and make small conversations in Chinese with narative Mandarin Speakers

Kinesiskkurs for barn

  • Nivå:
  • Kursperiode: 8 uker 8 timer à 60 minutter Onsdager eller fredager
  • The purpose of the course is to develop the children’s language skills with classes that are interesting, motivating and fun! Groups are divided according to age/level.