Speedy translations when time is of the essence

Express Translations

We are the leading agency when it comes to express translations. Send us your document in MS Word format at 09:00 and your translation will be delivered the same day!


We specialize in translations of quarterly reports, annual reports, annual financial reports, corporate reports, corporate financial reports etc.

Legal-State-Author-Notary public

We have expertise in juridical documents. Our competent translators are able to translate police reports, renditions of judgment, visas, residence verification etc.


Our highly skilled translators have extensive experience in translation of brochures, catalogues, advertisement and sales material, tourism literature and more.

Technical Translation

Translators have a background in engineering. We translate user manuals, product presentations, requirement specifications, technical catalogues & books.


We are expert in translating documents related to medical and pharmacological terminology i.e. patient journals, medical certificates, medical books etc.

Website Localisation

We are expert in IT as well. We have a highly qualified international team capable of translating existing web sites swiftly, efficiently and accurately.

Proofreading-Copy editing-Rewriting

We have extensive knowledge in rewriting and proofreading/text revision. We will give your text the attention it deserves.

Film Subtitling

Film subtitling, Voice-over and Dubbing. Language Power International has access to translators who specialize in the texting of films and television programs.


School books translated from Norwegian to Sami by Language Power International

Language Power International is working together with the Sami Linguistic Council on translating Norwegian mathematics books for compulsory primary and secondary school pupils who have North Sami as their mother tongue.

Proofreading-Ensuring quality-a valuable precaution

Proofreading is a small but important part of the text process. Unfortunately, many choose to deprioritize this, viewing it as an unnecessary expense. One simply assumes that the text is flawless, thus sending it to the printers containing embarrassing spelling errors and other mistakes which easily could have been avoided.