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Proofreading-Text Editing-Rewriting

We have extensive knowledge in rewriting and proofreading/text revision. We will give your text the attention it deserves.

Text revision

Is the linguistic quality (words, syntax, orthography, punctuation, grammatical nuances) of your Norwegian text or translation a source of concern for you? Do you desire a final quality control before you hand over your report? Or how about your PowerPoint presentation? Our language specialists possess extensive experience when it comes to tweaking and modifying texts vis-a-vis syntax and general usage of the language in question.


A service for those who believe their text or translation leaves something to be desired. If the translator has failed to convey your central idea and message, our language experts stand by to go through your text and rewrite. This is especially pertinent for texts relating to marketing/advertising, sales and tourism – texts which require a degree of professional insight and linguistic creativity. Give your text the Midas touch!