Norwegian courses for companies

Norwegian courses for companies

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Elevate your company's potential with our tailor-made language courses designed exclusively for companies. Our corporate solutions empower your workforce to communicate seamlessly across languages, enriching collaboration, expanding international reach, and unlocking new business horizons. Discover how Language Power's corporate language solutions can elevate your business to new global heights.

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  • Tailor-made solutions based on your needs
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Language training for companies 

Language barriers hinder growth through misunderstandings, missed opportunities and by straining interpersonal relationships. We´ve created tailored language solutions that helps you bridge these gaps, allowing your employees to communicate fluently and accurately with clients, partners and colleagues, and grow your business.

We’ve spent over 40+ years improving our methods and helping companies learn the Norwegian language. We’ll help you avoid using ineffective learning strategies that might lead to wasted time and effort without substantial language improvement.

The process

Our dedicated project managers collaborate closely with your team to carefully assess language requirements and proficiency levels, ensuring a curriculum that perfectly aligns with your corporate objectives. Backed by a proven track record, we've been instrumental in enhancing language skills for business leaders and their teams, enabling them to seamlessly integrate language proficiency into their professional endeavors.

Course content

Course content is thoughtfully curated, striking a harmonious balance between contemporary Norwegian and business-specific language essentials. Whether it's composing emails, drafting reports, recording minutes of meetings, or honing presentation skills, our courses effortlessly fuse language learning with the demands of your industry.

Our qualified instructors uses a communicative approach that fosters dynamic participation among learners, propelling optimal learning outcomes. Key principles lie at the core of our methodology:

Student-Centered Interaction: Collaborative learning enlivens classrooms, igniting dialogue and knowledge exchange.

Relevance-Driven Activities: Classroom exercises are meticulously tailored to address specific language needs, utilizing authentic materials whenever possible.

Engagement through Liveliness: Lectures come alive with relevancy, vibrancy, and an injection of enjoyable learning experiences.

Interactive Conversations: Dialogue flourishes through pair and group work, role plays, debates, quizzes, and more.

We elevate effective communication above all, understanding that proficiency in communication thrives when rooted in solid grammar knowledge. Our approach seamlessly weaves grammar intricacies into communication activities, ensuring a well-rounded grasp of language nuances.

Our immersive classrooms prioritize the consistent use of the target language, mirroring real-world linguistic scenarios. This immersive environment accelerates learning and nurtures the confidence needed for seamless cross-cultural interactions.

Elevate your team's linguistic prowess, foster cross-cultural collaboration, and harness language as an invaluable tool for professional growth.

Ready to take the leap into a tailored language course that mirrors your company's vision? Contact us today, and let's craft a bespoke language journey that empowers your team for global success.