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Embark on a Journey of English Mastery with us. Explore our comprehensive English courses, crafted to guide you seamlessly as you navigate each level of language proficiency.

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General courses


English A1

Ready to enhance your skills? If you've completed our A1 course or have some foundational English skills, our A2 Basic courses is the next stride. Designed for those with a foundation in English, equipping you to navigate more complex discussions with ease.

  • Intensive or semi-intensive
  • Morning and evening classes
  • Certificate of achievement for level A1


English A2

For those starting from scratch, our A1 Beginner course is your passport to understanding and speaking English confidently. Through immersive lessons and expert guidance, you'll build a strong foundation that sets you on the path to fluent conversations.

  • Intensive or semi-intensive
  • Morning and evening classes
  • Certificate of achievement for level A2


English B1

Transitioning from basics to broader conversations? Our B1 Intermediate course empowers you to break free from language limitations. Communicate with newfound confidence, establish connections, and navigate real-life scenarios with proficiency.

  • Intensive or semi-intensive
  • Morning and evening classes
  • Certificate of achievement for level B1

Higher intermediate

English B2

For those who've tasted success at B1 level, our B2 Upper Intermediate course is your vehicle to mastery. Refine your skills, engage in nuanced dialogues, and express yourself fluently in diverse situations.

  • Intensive or semi-intensive
  • Morning and evening classes
  • Certificate of achievement for level B2

Individual and company courses

English courses for companies

English All levels

Elevate your company's potential with our tailor-made language courses designed exclusively for companies. Our corporate solutions empower your workforce to communicate seamlessly across languages, enriching collaboration, expanding international reach, and unlocking new business horizons. Discover how Language Power's corporate language solutions can elevate your business to new global heights.

  • Flexible course programme & course schedule
  • Tailor-made solutions based on your needs
  • Price upon request

Individual tuition

English All levels

Individual tuition provides you with a tailored language program designed to meet your specific needs. This flexible course offering puts you in complete control of time, location, and course intensity, ensuring you achieve optimal learning outcomes. Whether you're aiming to enhance your overall language proficiency, focus on domain-specific terminology, or enrich your professional vocabulary, this approach allows you to practice and strengthen your language skills in any context. With our experienced and qualified instructors, who have extensive experience teaching Norwegian as a foreign language, you will quickly experience heightened confidence in your communication.

  • Flexible course programme and schedule
  • Tailor-made solutions based on your needs
  • See our private course offerings
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Fast learning

Safe learning environment

Embark on a comprehensive learning journey that covers reading, listening, speaking, grammar, and writing exercises, along with independent study components. Our small classroom settings, with groups of 3 to 6 students, ensure effective progression, personalized attention, and a friendly learning environment. Join us to experience an engaging and fruitful educational adventure.


The teachers from this school were fantastic. Great teaching with nice classrooms.

Lucas Allen

My experience at Language Power International school was amazing from the moment I first decided to write to them.

Tatiana Prado

Great place to opt for professional or fast track courses.

Neelkamal Rana

Great teachers and operational team!

Fabio Augusto