Discover our precise translation services, bridging languages and cultures seamlessly. In an interconnected world, accurate and culturally sensitive translations are essential. Our translation services will convey your message with clarity and impact, regardless of the language you're speaking.

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Express translations

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Facing a tight deadline? We thrive on such challenges and provide high-quality translations across various fields, including medical, financial, legal, and technical documents.

Financial translations

Financial translations

We translate financial reports, ensuring accurate representation of your company's achievements.

Legal translations

Legal translations

We translate legal documents with attention to detail, preserving the integrity of your legal matters.

Technical translations

Technical translations

We translate technical documents, making complex information accessible and comprehensible.

Medical translations

Medical translations

We translate medical documents with precision, contributing to global health and scientific advancement.


Marketing translations

We translate marketing materials, adapting your message to resonate with international audiences effectively.

Express translation
Express Translation

Need a certified translation fast?

Get a certified translation from Norwegian into English of your certificates such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, diploma, residence card and payslips within 1-3 business days.

Why choose us?

Flawless communication: Our expert linguists bring your content to life with impeccable translations that capture the essence of your message, ensuring its resonance across languages.

Cultural nuances preserved: Language isn't just words; it's a window into cultures. Our translators understand the subtleties that ensure your message is culturally apt and relatable.

Wide spectrum: From annual reports and legal documents to technical manuals and marketing materials, we cover diverse domains, delivering tailored translations that suit your specific needs.

Timely delivery: Deadlines matter. We are committed to punctuality, ensuring your translations are ready when you need them.

Confidentiality priority: Your content's confidentiality is paramount. Our rigorous security measures ensure that your information remains safe and secure throughout the translation process.

Affordable excellence: Quality translations don't have to come at a high cost. We offer competitive pricing for top-tier translations that meet your budget.

Our success stories: Realize the impact of accurate translations through the experiences of our satisfied clients. Explore how we've helped businesses transcend linguistic barriers and reach new audiences.

Elevate your message: In a world where communication knows no borders, Language Power International is your partner in breaking language barriers and expanding your reach. Contact us today to discover how we can transform your content into a universal language of understanding.



I have only four words: responsive, accommodating, and professional!

Davood Zeinali

I was in urgent need of an official translation of a document. No other official translation agencies were able to provide assistance.

Mathias Andres Kasin

Have used their translation services a few times and they are always service minded with fast delivery.

Henrik Øien