Language courses

Flokk, the renowned "House of Brands," is a global provider of versatile seating solutions, tables, and accessories tailored for modern workspaces. Their extensive product line caters to diverse needs, making them an industry leader. With showrooms gracing four continents and an expansive global distribution network spanning over 80 countries, Flokk is synonymous with quality, innovation, and global reach.

The Challenge: Flokk boasts a diverse team hailing from different corners of the world. While English was their common language for business, they recognized the value of fostering a deeper connection with their Norwegian surroundings. To truly become part of the local fabric and understand the culture, they sought to embrace the Norwegian language.

A Unified Vision: Flokk's employees followed similar work schedules and were eager to learn Norwegian together. They envisioned a language learning experience that wasn't just about acquiring new skills but also about bonding as a team. To address their unique requirements, they sought an on-site solution that would cater to their diverse language needs.

Our Tailored Solution: We proposed Flokk join one of our Norwegian semi-intensive course packages. This solution provided a structured curriculum that accommodated their work schedules. By participating in the same group, on the same level, and holding the course on-site in our premises, Flokk's employees could embark on this language journey as a united team. This approach not only optimized their learning but also fostered camaraderie among team members.

The Success Story: The semi-intensive course became a dynamic platform for Flokk's employees to strengthen their language skills, enabling them to communicate more effectively in their Norwegian environment. This journey of linguistic exploration didn't just open doors to understanding the local culture, but also to building meaningful connections with their Norwegian colleagues and neighbors.

In Conclusion: At Flokk, language became a bridge that connected diverse employees, uniting them in their quest to engage more deeply with the local culture. The language skills they acquired weren't just about words; they were about forging stronger relationships and unlocking new opportunities.