Sony Nordic

Language courses

In the realm of electronics and technology, Sony stands tall as one of the world's foremost companies. Renowned for its innovations, Sony's influence extends far and wide. In 2018, it proudly claimed its spot as the fifth-largest consumer electronics manufacturer globally and holds the esteemed title of Japan's largest technology and media conglomerate.

The Challenge: For an international giant like Sony, with a presence that transcends borders, a diverse team was a valuable asset. In 2018, Sony Nordic welcomed 12 talented individuals from various nations to Oslo. However, this diversity brought forth a challenge - a language barrier. Effective communication is the lifeblood of any global organization. Understanding and fluently speaking Norwegian was crucial for these employees, both in professional settings and their daily lives in Norway.

The Solution: Recognizing the significance of linguistic harmony, Sony Nordic embarked on a mission to bridge the language gap. They approached us with a unique request - a tailored language course designed to equip their diverse team with Norwegian language skills. Our task was clear: create an immersive learning experience that would not only teach the language but also foster cultural understanding.

In the heart of Sony's Oslo office at Lysaker, our dedicated teacher led the way. Over 128 hours, they conducted in-person classroom sessions, engaging the 12 participants in a dynamic learning journey. The outcome was transformative. Today, these individuals can seamlessly converse in Norwegian and understand the nuances of the language.

In Conclusion: Sony Nordic's commitment to empowering its global team with language skills has yielded remarkable results. It's not just about professional communication; it's about enabling deeper connections, both within the workplace and in social settings. The success of this tailored language course is a testament to Sony Nordic's dedication to their employees' growth and integration.

As Sony Nordic continues to lead in the world of technology and electronics, we're proud to be their language partner, ready to support their linguistic needs and ensure their international team thrives in Norway's vibrant environment.