Language courses

Vålerenga is one of Norway’s biggest Football clubs and is located in Oslo. At the time of writing, they play in Norway’s top division and is known for developing great football talents.

Vålerenga understands the importance of effective communication, especially in the world of professional football. That's why Vålerenga approached us to help improve the English communication skills of two of their top talents.

We started the process by conducting language tests to assess their current abilities. After conducting a language test, we set up individual English language courses for both players to cater to their busy schedules and achieve an efficient and targeted learning outcome. The individualized approach allowed the players to learn at their own pace, and with the flexibility to fit their busy schedules as professional football players.

The individualized approach paid off and both players saw a significant improvement in their English abilities. This not only made it easier for them to communicate with their teammates, but it also played a role in their successful transfers to international clubs. Their improved language skills facilitated their integration into new teams and environments, which is crucial for professional athletes.

In conclusion, Vålerenga recognized the value of effective communication and took the necessary steps to ensure their players' success. By working with us, they were able to provide their talents with the language skills they needed to succeed on and off the field. We are proud to have played a part in the success of these two talented football players, and we remain dedicated to providing effective and tailored language solutions for individuals and organizations.