Cappelen Damm

Translation services

At the heart of Norway's literary landscape, Cappelen Damm stands as the nation's premier book publisher. Their mission: to cultivate, share, and deliver the wealth of knowledge, culture, and enriching reading experiences that resonate with audiences of all ages.

Cappelen Damm has a pivotal role in ensuring that newcomers on a journey to call Norway home are equipped with the essential tools. They are the publishers of one of the cornerstone social studies books, a prerequisite for foreigners embarking on their Norwegian language courses, and aspiring to attain permanent residency or citizenship. Recognizing the diverse linguistic backgrounds of their students, they embarked on the mission to make this vital resource available in multiple languages.

This is where our expertise in education and professional translation services comes into play. We were entrusted with the task of translating the "Intro, 50 hours in Social Studies" course material into seven languages, enabling Cappelen Damm to break down language barriers and extend the reach of their educational offerings.

But our collaboration doesn't stop there. We have also delivered translations for a spectrum of educational resources, from the mathematics excellence of "Sinus matematikk 1YP" to the language diversity of "På vei" and "Her bor vi" glossary lists in multiple languages. Additionally, we've woven the magic of translation into various children's books, fostering cultural exchange and understanding at an early age.

Our breadth of expertise ensures that we consistently deliver top-notch products for our partners like Cappelen Damm. We take pride in our role as enablers, helping to make education and knowledge accessible to all, regardless of the language they speak.