Language courses

Dunnhumby, a dynamic IT company, takes the digital realm by storm, crafting innovative solutions that catapult companies to new heights. Their mission is simple: elevate sales by putting customers at the forefront. Be it turning insights into action or harnessing essential customer data, they blend creativity with strategy, all in pursuit of excellence for both customers and companies.

Dunnhumby's vision hinges on customer-centricity. They seek solutions that not only bolster their partners' success but also enhance the customer experience across all businesses. As they expertly navigate the digital landscape, they acknowledge the pivotal role language plays in creating that seamless connection between customer and company.

The Challenge: In the fall of 2020, Dunnhumby embarked on an exciting journey. They recognized the value of language as a bridge to their customers as well as colleagues and sought to empower their employees with the gift of language. A group of ten dedicated employees, primarily French and English-speaking Account Managers, came together with a common goal: to master Norwegian, the language of their adopted homeland.

The primary focus of the course was clear: to enable these participants to communicate effectively in Norwegian. Language skills were to be woven into their daily interactions, mirroring the nuances of their work in retail, data analysis, and strategy presentations.

The Solution: We embarked on a diagnostic journey, meticulously assessing each participant's language proficiency. This enabled us to form groups that catered to their individual language levels. Armed with this insight, we carefully curated course materials and supplementary resources tailored to their specific needs.

The journey was profound, a testament to the commitment of both Dunnhumby and their employees. Through engaging language sessions, they navigated the intricacies of Norwegian, acquiring not just words but a deeper understanding of the culture and society in which they now thrived.

In many IT companies, where English is the primary mode of communication, learning Norwegian may not be a professional requirement. Yet, these employees recognized the value of connecting with their colleagues and their surroundings. They wanted to enhance not only their workplace interactions but also their everyday encounters, like confidently navigating local grocery stores.

In Conclusion: Dunnhumby's commitment to the language journey underscores their dedication to holistic customer experiences. As they continue to elevate the digital domain, they stand as a testament to the transformational power of language.