Translation services

In the summer of 2019, Euronext set the wheels of transformation in motion by announcing the acquisition of Oslo Børs VPS. This strategic move was not merely a business transaction; it was the birth of a financial powerhouse, poised to shape the future of Europe's financial landscape. Euronext and Oslo Børs VPS came together, uniting their strengths, expertise, and vision to create the leading pan-European exchange.

The Challenge: In this transformative period, Oslo Børs recognized the need for a harmonized regulatory structure. To facilitate seamless integration with Euronext, it was essential that their regulations and manuals align with Euronext's framework. This was a pivotal step in ensuring that the two entities, with distinct backgrounds and regulations, could operate as one cohesive unit.

The Solution: To initiate this profound integration, Oslo Børs entrusted us with a crucial task. They provided us with the English versions of their regulations and manuals, which needed to be meticulously translated into Norwegian. This translation was not just about converting words; it was about creating a bridge that would connect Euronext's vision with the Norwegian context.

Our team of expert linguists and financial specialists embarked on this linguistic journey. Beyond translation, they delved into the intricacies of financial regulations, ensuring that the essence and nuance of the content were accurately retained. Through a fusion of language and finance, these documents were transformed into instruments of unity, bridging gaps and building understanding.

In Conclusion: The successful translation of regulations and manuals marked a significant milestone in the integration of Oslo Børs with Euronext. This endeavor exemplified the commitment of both organizations to foster a seamless transition, where language played a pivotal role in aligning two distinct financial ecosystems.

As Euronext and Oslo Børs VPS continue their journey together, we stand ready to support their language needs, ensuring that their shared vision transcends linguistic boundaries and resonates across the pan-European exchange.