Farstad Shipping

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Founded in 1956, Farstad Shipping has sailed through over six decades of maritime excellence. As a listed shipping company since 1988, they've solidified their position in the industry. With their headquarters nestled in Ålesund, Norway, this maritime powerhouse commands a workforce of 2,200 dedicated professionals. An impressive 1,965 of these experts are at the helm, steering their fleet of vessels.

Specializing in the supply industry, Farstad Shipping has cast its net wide, expanding beyond its Norwegian base. Beyond the captivating fjords and coasts of Norway, they've set up anchor in strategic global locations, including Scotland, Australia, Singapore, and Brazil. Their reach extends far and wide, mirroring the seas they navigate.

The Challenge: As the year-end approaches, like clockwork, the need arises for annual reports, a significant financial compass for any publicly listed company. Farstad Shipping's commitment to transparency and accessibility led them to seek a trusted partner to translate their annual reports, ensuring that stakeholders across languages could navigate their financial journey.

The Solution: Farstad Shipping reached out to us, recognizing the pivotal role of accurate and timely translation in financial communication. The project at hand was a challenging one: the translation of an annual report encompassing a substantial number of words, all to be completed within the constraints of 30 days.

Our team embraced the challenge with the swiftness and precision of a seasoned captain navigating turbulent waters. With unwavering dedication, we meticulously translated the annual report from Norwegian into English, preserving its financial nuances and clarity.

Year after year, we've had the privilege to support Farstad Shipping in their mission. We understand the importance of financial documents, including annual reports, balance sheets, and accounting papers. We take pride in ensuring that these documents are presented accurately and elegantly in multiple languages, promoting Farstad Shipping's transparency and commitment to their diverse stakeholders.

In every translated word, we've strengthened the financial bridge between Farstad Shipping and their international partners, investors, and admirers. Our collaboration continues to navigate smoothly, year after year.

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