Redd Barna

Translation services

Redd Barna, the Norwegian branch of Save the Children, is a dedicated organization that works for children's rights all around the world. With 122 countries in its network, Redd Barna has been working for over 100 years to help children in need and fight for their rights.

The Importance of Translation: One of the key challenges Redd Barna faces is communicating their message to a diverse group of people in different countries and languages. To reach a wider audience and make sure their message is heard, Redd Barna needs to translate a significant amount of material, including flyers and posters, into multiple languages.

Making a Difference: By translating their information into Arabic, English, Urdu, Somali, Tigrinya, Ukrainian, Russian and many other languages, Redd Barna is able to reach out to minority groups in Norway and provide them with the information they need in their native language. This helps the organization to better serve children in need, regardless of language barriers.

At Redd Barna, the mission is to help children in need and make a positive impact on their lives. By providing translated materials, the organization is taking a step towards achieving this goal and ensuring that no child is left behind. Through translation, Redd Barna is bridging the gap between different cultures and communities and working towards a better future for children everywhere.

By providing translated materials, Redd Barna is able to reach a wider audience, regardless of language barriers, and continue their mission to help children in need. With a dedicated team and a passion for making a difference, Redd Barna is leading the way in the fight for children's rights.