Spar International


Spar International B.V., a dynamic Dutch multinational franchise, operates on a global stage, offering branding, supplies, and crucial support services to independently owned and operated food retail stores. With roots in the Netherlands, Spar has grown into a colossal network of over 13,320 stores scattered across 48 countries.

The Challenge: In 2018, Spar International B.V. set its sights on hosting the annual LOGIT Conference at the Radisson Blue Plaza Hotel in Oslo. This international congregation was expected to draw participants from SPAR organizations spanning the globe. The diverse language needs of attendees, ranging from English to Russian, Chinese, and German, presented a formidable communication challenge.

A Multilingual Solution: To seamlessly facilitate communication and understanding among the international participants, Spar International B.V. reached out to us. Their request was clear: they needed English-Russian, English-Chinese, and English-German simultaneous interpreters to ensure that every word spoken resonated with every delegate present.

Our Comprehensive Support: We embraced the opportunity to assist Spar International B.V. by orchestrating a holistic language interpretation solution. This encompassed not only skilled simultaneous interpreters but also the meticulous coordination of audio equipment, conference booths, and installations tailored to the unique requirements of the entire conference.

The Multilingual Triumph: The LOGIT Conference unfolded as a global success, with language barriers fading into oblivion. Spar International B.V. achieved its mission of fostering communication and collaboration among its international participants. The event's attendees left not only with valuable insights but also with the shared experience of a seamless, multilingual conference.

In Conclusion: Spar International B.V. showcased that when you bridge linguistic divides, you create the foundation for meaningful connections and global success. By ensuring that every voice could be understood in multiple languages, they exemplified the commitment to unity in a diverse world.

As Spar International B.V. continues to set new milestones in the world of international food retail, their commitment to effective communication stands as a testament to their global vision.